Love quotes for him and for her


A Sentence For You ! (1 quotes)

Adultry (1 quotes)

Broken Heart (1 quotes)

C.L. Williams" (1 quotes)

Cheat (1 quotes)

Cheating Transparent (1 quotes)

Distant Love (1 quotes)

Fear Overcoming Fear Strength (1 quotes)

Freedom (1 quotes)

Good Love Bad Love (1 quotes)

Humanity (1 quotes)

Let the Fates Decide (1 quotes)

Loneliness (1 quotes)

Love (5546 quotes)

Love In View (1 quotes)

Lust Love (1 quotes)

Moving On (1 quotes)

Pain (1 quotes)

Pain Apology (1 quotes)

Perplex Relationship (1 quotes)

Physical Abuse (1 quotes)

Positive (1 quotes)

Priority Cares Love (1 quotes)

Regrets (1 quotes)

Romance (4866 quotes)

Sad Poetry (1 quotes)

Silence Loudness Key (1 quotes)

Sun Truth (1 quotes)

True Love (1 quotes)

Work Love Two-Wa Openness (1 quotes)


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